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Filed: Sun, Aug 16 2009 under Programming|| Tags: ajax xdomainrequest domain social

The 2009 suite of browsers all allow for cross-site ajax which means the social revolution is about to kick into high-gear! This article presents a simple framework which will allow your application to interface with your visitors on virtually any page on the net through the use of a small javascript bookmarklet.

Filed: Sun, Mar 30 2008 under Technology|| Tags: dell review laptop notebook 1530m XPS

…a Dell m1530 XPS laptop to be exact. What follows is my review of the system and really it’s just an overview of the nits and annoyances with the system. Truly, it’s safe to assume that if it’s not mentioned in the review then it’s perfect. It’s also safe to assume that none of the “issues” in this review are deal breakers. At the risk of giving away the ending, I’ll give away the ending: I love this system, I would buy it again and I would recommend it. If you’re considering buying this laptop then hopefully this review will clue you into a few of the pitfalls.

Filed: Thu, Oct 11 2007 under Programming|| Tags: DOM onlaod onready ondomready ready functional

The problem with window.onload is that it assumes that no other script or library will want to attach an onload event of its own. And in this day of booming frameworks and endless pre-written snippets, that is no longer a certainty. Indeed, as your Javascript applications become larger you my find yourself stumbling over your own code!

Filed: Wed, Jun 13 2007 under Programming|| Tags: closures javascript oop

Simply put, a closure is a variable, created inside a function, which continues to exist after the function has finished executing. Understanding closures will allow you to avoid damaging memory leaks in Internet Explorer and also allow you to fully exploit private variables and methods when creating Javascript objects.

Filed: Mon, May 14 2007 under Programming|| Tags: reference tutorial javascript beginner

This reference will cover the basic language constructs. This is not a beginner's guide to programming. This article focuses on bringing people who already know another programming language up to speed on Javascript methodology.

Filed: Thu, May 03 2007 under Programming|| Tags: trick tip hack javascript defer load

One of the most overlooked, and powerful, features when defining Javascript in your page (either externally or in-line) is the defer attribute. By adding a defer attribute you are telling the browser that it can wait until it's done with the rest of the page before doing anything with the Javascript block.

Filed: Mon, Apr 30 2007 under Programming|| Tags: reference javascript numbers number math

This reference will cover Javascript numeric literals and objects as well as the default Javascript Operators which manipulate those numbers.

Filed: Mon, Apr 23 2007 under Programming|| Tags: reference date javascript julian countdown

This reference will cover the Javascript Date Object, how it stores Dates, how you can manipulate them, create calendars, countdown timers, prototype them to add your own functionality, as well as provide a complete method reference.

Filed: Tue, Apr 17 2007 under Programming|| Tags: reference javascript strings ajax json

This reference will cover the difference between String Literals and String Objects, Strings' properties and methods, some common and practical uses of Strings (particularly in regards to JSON and AJAX), and offer a few, useful prototypes to extend the String class.

Filed: Sat, Apr 14 2007 under Programming|| Tags: css1 webdesign fonts

In the 90's Microsoft donated the standard Web Core Fonts that most every browser uses today and those core fonts have remained unchanged until now. With the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has unleashed something quite new on the Web -- the "C" fonts; Cambria, Calibri, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, and Corbel. Here's how to download them for free and how to use them in your web sites.

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